Life at Paramount

Whether we’re all together in our spacious creative workspaces or owning how we work from home or elsewhere, we keep talking to each other. We celebrate our successes and share updates about what we’re doing and where we’re heading.

We check in with each other with our ‘Spark Life’ events and through our Mindfulness Mondays and Wellness Wednesdays. It’s about making sure we’re all doing okay and feel part of the bigger Paramount family.

Half-day Fridays, our famous summer socials, quizzes, cook-alongs, dog days in the office, yoga and gym sessions… if there’s something you’re into, we’ve got you covered.

We celebrate our successes and make sure we’re all doing okay.

Jeremy Vine

Our Values

Our values are a big part of our culture.


Optimism and determination

  • We always try to move forward with a smile
  • We look for solutions even when things seem tough
  • We drive each other forward in the pursuit to be the best

Inclusivity and collaboration

  • We warmly welcome every new-comer
  • We breed diverse ideas from diverse people and projects
  • We share insights and support each other

Agility and adaptability

  • We move flexibly within the market
  • We take on whatever is thrown at us
  • We’re open-minded in our approach
  • We work hard; we learn from each other; we all want to improve and grow.

Our Employee Stories

Here’s a word from your potential colleagues

Our culture and values are right up there in the top five reasons people enjoy working at Paramount. When we asked them, this is what they said they liked most.

  • Doing exciting work
  • Working with fun and exciting people
  • The diverse and inclusive culture
  • Working with great brands
  • The perks and benefits

We look forward to what tomorrow will bring. Sounds like a place where you could be you?


Doing exciting work


Working with fun and exciting people


The diverse and inclusive culture


Working with great brands


The perks and benefits

Hannah Jones

Getting the opportunity to work at Paramount has been an absolute dream come true! As a little girl, I remember dreaming of one day having a job where I could combine two of the things I loved; art and film/entertainment. Now getting to finally have a job that encompasses both has been the greatest gift ever!

Hannah Jones
Nickelodeon Social Design

Hannah Jones

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Sophia Surace

I started as an intern working in both diversity and inclusion and talent acquisition. I was drawn to the role as I am hugely passionate about diversity and inclusion, and I love working for a company that embodies the strapline #BeYouBelong.

Sophia Surace
Talent Acquisition and DE&I

Sophia Surace

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Sam Alexander

I started off doing work experience for MTV. The initial attraction to working for Paramount was the fact that I’d be working for MTV! MTV was a channel and brand I loved, and I grew up watching the shows.

Sam Alexander
Consumer Products

Sam Alexander

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